Designing drugs on the London Underground

When you think of drugs and the London Underground, you probably don’t get a completely wholesome, let alone scientific image. I am going to tell you how we can use systems such as the London Underground to improve the design of new drugs. The London Underground map is an example of a mathematical network, or … Read moreDesigning drugs on the London Underground

Henrietta Lacks: Immortal yet forgotten

This is a story about a woman named Henrietta. Henrietta Lacks. Henrietta was born in Virginia in 1920. She grew up on a struggling tobacco farm, living in the same building where her great-grandparents had lived as slaves years earlier. In 1951 Just 4 months after giving birth to her fifth child, Henrietta was diagnosed … Read moreHenrietta Lacks: Immortal yet forgotten

Creeping and crawling: how cells move

My PhD is in the field of cell biology. More specifically, I am trying to find out how cells ‘feel’ and respond to the environment around them. I am on a one man mission to prove that they are not just boring blobs, but actually fascinating molecular machines! One process that I work on is cell … Read moreCreeping and crawling: how cells move

An acid trip

I would like to say that I have a good excuse for not posting anything for so long; however, I would be kidding myself. New Year’s resolution therefore, more blog posts! To start the year I am going to write about something everyone will have heard of, but may not know the details, pH. If … Read moreAn acid trip

Storm in a teacup

The British, as a people, are renowned for our non-confrontational and polite demeanour. That is until the topic of conversation moves on from the weather and, inevitably, becomes about tea. How should it be made? What material should the cup be made from? What temperature should the water be? Everyone has their own opinions regarding … Read moreStorm in a teacup

Aerospace engineering, it’s not rocket science!

“It’s not rocket science, is it?!” This now clichéd phrase, used to imply simplicity, has often annoyed me. There are two reasons for this, firstly, there isn’t really such a thing as rocket science; secondly, if there were such a thing, it would be relatively simple. The subject often confused for rocket science is aerospace … Read moreAerospace engineering, it’s not rocket science!

I’ve got U(V) under my skin

The burning red sunburn fades into a ‘healthy’ brown. The pain has subsided and, in the knowledge that your complexion will spark jealousy in your co-workers upon your return, it all seems like it was worth it. But was it? To follow-up my previous post about how sun cream protects your skin from the Sun’s … Read moreI’ve got U(V) under my skin

U v. The Sun

Summer is upon us. Or, if you are British, it may already have passed. During the past few weeks of glorious, if unexpected, sunshine in the UK and Europe, sales of sun cream (or sun screen for the Americans) have soared. But how does sun cream protect your skin from the Sun’s unrelenting rays? How … Read moreU v. The Sun